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Jan 5, 2011
Hi there,

I'm pretty sure I read it on here, a link to an article about a woman who uses her chickens to incubate her eggs. I think it had been published in a magazine. It talks about how she keeps eggs in her frig on a rotating basis, and when a hen goes broody, she takes out a dozen and puts them under her.

Anyone remember this? The search engine doesn't work well for me, as it can't get specific enough.


I didn't see the article you are referring to but it has been done. Did you have a question about it or just wanting the article.
Hi! Did you see this thread? I'm not sure if this is the one you are talking about, but it DOES have some info on it.


Index » Incubating & Hatching Eggs » Does putting eggs in the fridge cancel out their fertility?
I looked at the thread, and no, that's not what I remember.

I am looking for the article, actually, not necessarily questions. I remember that it answered everything that I wanted to know, even without knowing I wanted to know that.

I really need to write these things down !



No, that is not the article, (although yours is really good too) but I finally found it !!! It's on the web, but it indeed originally was published in a magazine, in Backyard Poultry. I'm so relieved ! I think I will cut and paste it so I can always have access to it.

Here it is. It's just so incredibly complete of information, I knew I needed to read it again. Sometimes you don't realize you've read the best article there is, and so don't keep track. http://www.themodernhomestead.us/article/Broody-Hens-1.html

have 10 Barred Rocks in their own little pen right now, laying eggs for me. I let them out around noon to go back to the regular flock and play and be with their rooster, a Rhode Island Red. So I will get Black Sex Link chicks.

When they go into their regular coop to sleep, I kidnap them and put them in the little pen again. This is the only way I can make sure I'm getting the right eggs--I have 5 different breeds.

Then when I get enough, I'll put my broody hens on them. I have two right now, so I decided to put them to work. We'll see how this goes....


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