Looking for Australian version of Blu-Cote or similar to stop pecking


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Jan 10, 2011
Hi - having big pecking problem in my wee flock, have tried all the protein and entertainment changes, things improved for a while and now they are right back at it. Very very frustrating. Would love to know from any other australians what products there are on the market that may help combat this problem and where i might buy them.. I have read all about the blu-cote, but cant seem to find it in oz -thank you all , Cat
is it something you could perhaps order online?

i couldnt find anything here in belgium to take the 'red' away from a wound, so i just use chicken saddles now
It's called Ultra Violet spray here, you might want to look for that. Sometimes Gentian Violet spray too.

If they are too crowded that can sometimes cause the pecking. How many chickens do you have and what size is their coop and run?
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There is another product that you could try as well. They are called pinless peepers. They are basically a piece of plastic that clips into the nostrils of the birds that block the sight of the bird kinda like blinkers for a horse. If you google them you might be able to see if you can order them locally. I know we can get them in the states.
Blukote doesn't really stop picking. Hot Pick/Rooster No Pick will work. Pine tar works, but is a disaster to use and makes a mess of your birds feathers. Pinless peepers work very well and can be ordered on-line. I've been using the peepers for a few months now and highly recommend them.

Good luck.
maybe they need more space?? we have only 14 hens, but there are a lot of little clicks within the flock. meaning i have to put 4 different food/water spots so all get fed!
some peck on the others and wont let them eat from that pile o food.
we have a big pasture like space so the ones on the bottom can be happy too.
wonder if all flocks are like that??
learning as we go!

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