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    I will be getting my very first batch of chicks in May and am researching the best, and by best I mean feeders that waste very little and take up the least room possible. Also low cost would be idea. If you could please post pics of your feeders and waterers that would help me out a great deal! Thanks
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    Jun 14, 2007
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    Here is my feeder, you put fresh feed in the top and the older feed comes out the bottom so there is no collection of old feed in the bottom of the feeder, it also has rolled edges to preven billing. You can hang it for easy adjustment. It comes in several diferent sizes and costs about 1 dollar per pound of feed it holds.
    Here is my waterer, you can also hang it. I started with a metal fount but the trough didnt fill up. Poly founts are expensive, i think i paid somewhere between 30 and 40 dollars for a 5 gallon.
    Since you live in canada your water will probably freeze in the winter. I use a brower water warmer. You can use it with poly waterers, otheres get super hot and would melt your waterer, and burn down the coop. I paid 42 dollars for mine at the fee store.
    [​IMG] Hope this helps.
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    Go to the learning center pages, there you will find a home made feeder and water bucket plan. You can build one to size. Or you can but one at any supply store. I prefer to make my own using the plans in the learning center. You will need to increase the size as your chicks age.

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