Looking for birds in the Portland Oregon to the Coast Area


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Aug 8, 2009
The Oregon Coast
We raise pheasants, quail, chickens, turkeys ect & I am always looking for new blood lines & breeds. I am tired of buying hatching eggs & having very few hatch! I'd prefer to get already hatched birds...

My name is Debbie and I'm in Battle Ground, WA.
I have 2 pair of Golden Cuckoo Marans that are 7 months old.
If your interested in them let me know.

My girlfriend has Redstars, 1 rooster & 3 hens ages are 6 months old as well.

My phone# 360-666-9652

Thanks, Debbie
Checkout the chicken swap page. There is a swap happening in Albany, OR on the 10th. There are also people who have good sources etc. It's nice to meet some BYCers too:frow
RachaelC-mother of all

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