Looking for Black Swan hatching eggs or young.


16 Years
May 11, 2007
Huntertown, Indiana
I have neighbors who have been of great support in getting started with my chickens and other animals. They lost there pair of swans last summer and had expressed an interest in locating a pair of black swans or hatching eggs. I am searching Hi and Low. We are located in Huntertown, Indiana. We are also already aware of the pair offered by McMurray but are not interested. Any advice or direction will be greatly appreciated.
When I worked at Superior Farms, they had 6 pens of black swans. They have since sold them, but I bet you Danny could help you track down who bought them and if there are any more breeders out there in your area.
I bought my 2 black swans from a man in Woodbury, TN. Found his name and info listed in the farm bureau insurance magazine
he should have had some more hatch off this past January

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