Looking for Breeders of Silkies in N. IL ( near Fox Lake IL) or S. WI


11 Years
Sep 15, 2008

Does somebody know of a honest breeder of healthy Silkie Chickens in Northern IL or Southern WI near Fox Lake IL.

Please send me any contact information you know of or have---

Thanks Much
I live in West Central Wisconsin and dont know anyone that far away.
I'm a member of the American Silkie Bantam Club, however I don't have my breeders directory with me at the moment. If you can't find anything PM me and I can look tomorrow morning for you.

You mention "honest breeder." Have you had a bad experience previously?
I was planning on making an order with Ideal Hatchery today, they have some silkies available October 1st. If you are interested in going in on it, let me know!

I'm in southern Wisconsin, Madison!
Dont plan on doing anything with them, other than keeping them as pets. And if your expecting to get silkies that look anything like what you've seen posted around here, you've been misinformed. Hatchery birds dont look anything like birds from a professional breeders, and are often inferior in type.
No, just pets.

Will they look somewhat like them? Hmm, that's why I was going to go with Ideal, they are the only one with Silkies at the moment.

Thanks for the info!

Hopefully someone that has ordered a silkie from ideal will have a picture to share??

I'm not looking for show quality, but cute!
Dear Folks,

I am going to ask again for some help finding a silkie near Fox Lake IL.

I am looking for a young hen, white, blue, black, red.

This is to be a house pet so I am looking for a tame healthy bird.

Please provide any assistance or information in regards to this request.

Thanks again---Sincerely----Dale

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