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I have searched for info but can't seem to find exactly what I need so here I go.

I have 3 pullets I need to integrate and after reading all the posts about "adding new birds" the one thing that keeps coming up is have hiding places.

Truthfully, the pullets I need to add are almost the size of my other 6 hens and I have had them caged in the run with them for a month, but when I try, there is some pushing around. I can't stand hostility, (I know, I have issues).

Will you all give me some examples, pictures, suggestions of materials and instructions on DIY projects?

Thank you all for your help
I just lean plywood up against the side of the run. I also have a large feed trough in the run to break up line of sight, things like that.

That being said, there is going to be some upset to the flock. If it's really hard for you to deal with, I'd suggest letting them in together and going away. They'll sort things out and it will be better when you're home later.

Thank you so much, break up "line of sight", perfect way to think of it. I'll do that.

As far as upset in the flock, my fear (more like terrified) is someone will be really hurt or worse.

Thank you again
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I just noticed you're in Atwater, I grew up in Denair!

I've found that just breaking that line of sight is usually all it takes. Sometimes you'll get a more persistent bird, but usually out of sight is out of mind. Having the option to be in the coop or out in the run helps also. Usually the younger bird just needs to show the older one she's willing to get out of the older's way, that she's willingly submissive and not trying to challenge for dominance.
My coop, run combo is about 500sq ft. I'm sure that is plenty of room to all co exist. I have a lot of yuckie things in my life and my chickens are my relaxation. So when they are trying to kill each other, it's not so relaxing.

Donrae, as I read your page, it looks like you can relate to yuckie. God Bless you dear.
.... my chickens are my relaxation. So when they are trying to kill each other, it's not so relaxing.....

Your hens are not trying to kill each other, it just looks that way.

No, really, chicken society is in no way compatible to human society. And there are no parallels between a flock of hens and roosters or a community of women and men.
Relax and give thinks that you are not a chicken, I do it every day.
donrae is exactly right about Chicken Society. It's far more brutal than human school yard play. Establishing the pecking order is a dynamic process, but interrupting it extends the whole brouhaha even longer.:rolleyes:

As for hiding places, mine range freely and have a lot of room to get out of sight and stay away from ranking hens. I did make sure to lean plywood against walls for shelter, but it was more to protect setting ducks. Guess I'm no help, huh?
then that should be your next step. Put the pullets on the roost after the hens have settled in. Hens are nearly blind at night so they will be safe. The thinking is that the older hens hear the and smell the pullets and get used to them. The first few mornings that you do this you should go out to the coop as soon as you hear stirring. Listen and let the pullets out as soon as you hear anything that sounds like conflict. Don't make a fuss, just calmly open the coop and feed then all together. Give them something yummy (mine like hulled raw sunflower seeds). They might chase each other a bit but don't worry it is very unlikely that they will really hurt each other.

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