looking for coop for ducks


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6 Years
May 8, 2013
Wilmington , Massachusetts
I am looking for a nice coop not to big and not to small for my ducks I have 6 now but I am selling 4 drakes if anyone is interested and getting I believe 2 call ducks a Muscovy and maybe a welsh harlequin duck. Right now I have 1 female buff I'm keeping and 1 female Muscovy I'm keeping and I am getting 1 female and 1 male call duck and 1 male Muscovy and 1 female welsh harlequin. The coop needs to be big enough for them to lay their eggs and possibly hatch some babies I have another coop I made out of a very large shopping box but only 1 of my female go in there right now so
If anyone has a nice coop that isn't to expensive let me know I live in Massachusetts but will travel to New Hampshire and maybe Maine.

Also if you know anyone who is selling call ducks or a male Muscovy and a female welsh harlequin please don't be afraid to contact me at [email protected]


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