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    I am looking for source to buy some cubalaya chicks. I don't need them right away, but I want to start looking for them now. I can only find two sources for Cubalaya (BBRs) chick online; Ideal Poultry and The Sand Hill Preservation. I tried ordering 25 chicks from both of them this spring and only ended up with 7 chicks from Ideal. They both claimed fertility problems because of the heat, but I hatched out over 100 chicks on my farm over the summer and had a 95% fertility rate, and I live in west Texas where it is so hot your bumper melts off.

    Anyway, what ever the reason, the bottom line is a whole year has been lost waiting to get chicks from these hatcheries. Out of the 7 BBRs Cubalaya chicks I got from Ideal, four are roosters and three are hens. I assume these birds came from the same parents so I don't want to breed them with each other to increase my flock. I was going to cross them with the chicks I was supposed to get from Sand Hill, but I did not get a single chick from them even though they cashed my check in June and still have my money.

    I have looked and looked online and I cannot another source for Cubalaya chicks other then Ideal, and I already have their gene line. I need Cubalays from another gene line. I would actually prefer the Golden Duckwing but any type will do for now. Thanks for the help.
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