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    Does anyone have contact information for a reliable person/company that does DNA sexing? We just lost a swan to raccoons [​IMG] (32 days on the nest [​IMG] ). I thought we had banded our female, but the one that was sitting on the nest the most and was killed was the unbanded one.

    We had sent a gentleman some feathers when they were young and we thought we had a pair, but maybe we had two females? I just figure it will be easier to find an extra male rather than an extra female.

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    Quote:So sorry, I just lost a male last week when he drank bleach water............. I've used one based out of south Fl, or in Tallahasse before, but it is close to me. I just purchased another male and I'm going to do it soon so I can make sure also.
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    Quote:That's the only company I would go with as well. It's who I've always used over the years for sexing my parrots. You can do either a feather kit or a blood kit (collected from a quicked toenail). DNA is DNA, both are equally reliable. Or if you know of someone near you who can vent sex, that's the other option.
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    i've used avian biotech for several of my birds, i did the blood testing [​IMG]

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