looking for eggs


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11 Years
Mar 15, 2008
My wife and i are looking for at least 12 silkie doesnt matter what color and we would like not to spend a ton of money please let us know if you can help. we will also trade for one dozen of our eggs either new hampshire red or buff orpington or half and half
i can do whites or partridges for $15 + $9 s/h for 12+ eggs. i may be able to do a larger amount and flatrate it also. i have to go to have a party for my 4 year olds b-day. shoot me a pm if u r interested. pics of my flock can be seen in my siggy link.
Mary, you have some beautiful birds and I can't wait to get some.

Confused, you can't go wrong getting eggs from Mary but if you want a different color, I will probably have a doz. blue/black eggs in a week or so if you are interested. PM me if so. I am charging a flat $25 for them including shipping. Just let me know if you want them.


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