Looking for Faverolles!


11 Years
Sep 24, 2008

these have become very hard to find in my area-central Virginia. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas? I would like pullets and a roo....but maybe that's not the way to go!
Thanks, Scarlett
I have been seeing hatchery salmon Favs with lots of black mottling, so if you want to ensure a true salmon you may want to contact a breeder, or maybe even try hatching your own eggs.
junebug, if you want to breed maybe YOU could become one of the folks making these gorgeous birds more accessible for the rest of us!

Why don't you try Rose Isgrigg at http://www.alphahen.com/rosespoultry.html , or see if you can track down Dick Boulanger from the Faverolles Fanciers ~ http://www.faverollesfanciers.org/ . The club members have seemed rather hard to get ahold of, as you may already know.

You could also look at old show results, research the names of the top winners and reach them through the web.

Good luck!
I have found some that are a really good start! Thanks to this forum and site. I am going to try on my own start!
Many thanks to all!
cthrash1, I do believe my new little fluffy-face has put me over the edge. Must . . . have . . . more . . .


(I am also seriously going to hatch out a bunch of bantam cochins next year too!)
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