Looking For Free Hens

Good luck and
You can always call an egg farm near your area and see if they have spent hens. they would be a year old and still laying very well. Plus you would be doing a great thing rescuing them from those nasty conditions.
why would anyone give away there free laying hen when they raise them from babies the cost of housing and the feed and they want eggs to eat. you need to get own baby chicks and in 6 months u will get eggs. a hen that lays eggs will cost would cost about $25.00 per hen
You can sometimes see free or really inexpensive hens on Craigslist. Sometimes people can't sell all their chicks and get overwhelmed.
Gee, I'd like some free money. I'd be happy to take someone's old wrinkled, icky, torn bills of any denomination (USA currency please). Promise to give them a good home, and not use on booze, drugs or gambling.

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