looking for free quilt patterns

java girl 2

8 Years
May 17, 2011
Hi all, I am looking for free quilt patterns of all kinds,
but I love the quilts of the chickens and the cocks.
Does anyone know where I can find them or maybe you can share them on here please?? Thank you all and feel free to talk quilts or poultry!!
Great site, Speckledhen. I googled all the time trying to find a quilt pattern idea for a chicken quilt. I don't remember seeing this site. I have been collecting chicken novelty fabric for some time. I'm anxious to get started. I will really look into this site when I have more time. Thanks.
Country lady please post pics of your chicken quilt when you get it done. I made curtains with some novelty chicken and cow print for my kitchen. I would like to make a chicken quilt too. I have some patterns and material but haven't had time lately lol. That's how it always goes. If you have stuff you don't have time....
The chicken lap quilt is still in my head. I have to think about a quilt for a while before it comes together. Are you like that? I can't seem to get a pattern that suits me yet. But I will have DH post a pic as soon as I get moving on it.

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