looking for frizzle pullets

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Oct 5, 2013
I fell in love with the frizzle look of chickens and really want to find a pullet or two to add to my flock. I live in Newberg Oregon. I am having a hard time finding them and can't order from a hatchery because the quantity is too high on minimum orders. Does anyone know of where to get these beautiful girls??
You could try MyPetChicken--their minimum is 3 and I believe they sell sexed bantams. Ideal also sells frizzled Cochins I think but a higher minimum at 6.
Have you tried asking in the Where am I, Where are you forum?? Maybe someone near you has them. It's how I found my smooth Cochin roo.
I have two bantam frizzle Cochin hens I rescued on craigslist and they are the sweetest little lap chickens.

Hope that helps!
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