Looking for Game Bird Eggs-Benton TN

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    Nov 10, 2008
    Benton TN
    I now have 2 yes count them 2 incubators. I am going to do chickens in one and games in the other. I was thinking of doing a few turkeys but husband said no. He wants to try pheasant or bobwhite quail...A game bird he can turn loose. Yes he wants to hunt them. Which is why he said no to the turkey. Cause he thinks I won't/can't get attached to a pheasant or bobwhite because they are flighty. And well lets face it...He has another thing comming if he honestly thinks I won't get attached to the game babies. Cause I will. He said he may let me keep a few and that he would build them a covered flight pen IF I would take to raising them. So if anyone has CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP game eggs for sale please let me know. I don't have anything to trade bird wise or I would. If your close enough I could trade you a chicken killing rabbit. [​IMG] Sorry this was soo long.
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    Quote:OMG that is [​IMG]

    I have eggs available for coturnix. I was about to set them in the incubator but if you want them I can sell them to ya! I will PM ya ok!

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