Looking for Golden Campine pullets suitable for showing

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    I am located in Massachusetts and am finishing preparations for my first flock. My daughter is interested in showing chickens at the local fair in the Fall (Topsfield Fair) and we went to look at breeds at the Northeast Poultry Congress in Springfield, MA this morning. Campines won my daughters heart. After reading more about Campines we think this is the breed we want to move forward with. Not sure where we can find Golden Campine pullets suitable for showing though. I hope someone can help.

    Thanks in advance.



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    Jan 14, 2008
    You can't "move forward" very far with pullets only. All you can do is show the result of someone elses efforts. I have Golden Campines. You probably saw some on them in Springfield. PM me with details about what you're looking for.
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    Perhaps my use of "move forward" was confusing. Do you mean that by purchasing pullets we will miss out on the opportunity to raise them from chicks and thereby have less of a sense of accomplishment when she shows them? If so, I agree with you but was led to believe that if my daughter wants to show them this fall we would not have time to raise them from chicks (they would not be fully mature by the time of the show).

    In any event, whether we raise them from chicks or pullets we will be learning a lot and I expect a great experience for my daughter. We have never participated in any sort of showing of any kind of animal and we have never even had chickens.

    I might have some pictures of the Campines that caught our eyes. I bet they were yours as there were not very many at the show as I recall. Beautiful birds.



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