Looking for hatchery program for schools?

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    Jan 24, 2014
    I am a Biology teacher in Marietta and I'm looking for a program that would lend incubators and eggs so that we could hatch the chicks and learn a little about the process. We would also like a program that would take the chicks back when we were done our study. I work at a small independent school and there is not enough money in the budget to buy the incubators, turners, etc. Someone thought the plant in Cummings did it, but I can't find anyone at the plant that knows anything about it. I was hoping someone on here might know of such a program or could offer some suggestions. Thanks for any advice you can give.
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    You might try your local 4-H, FFA and/or Extension Service office, some of those have lending programs, or do club projects where one member keeps the birds etc for the club... and might know someone who would help.
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    I feel your pain!!! And, I do have some suggestions. The 4-H youth programs will provide you with incubators and materials for teaching about incubation and embryology. Depending upon the 4-H program and such and your grade level, they may even be willing to come in and teach some for you and make it an even better experience for the kids. I have found from first-hand experience that hatcheries will not DONATE hatching eggs or chicks. However, there are a lot of nice chicken people out there who will send you free eggs if you pay for shipping. Regarding taking the chicks when finished, there is the issue. Check with the 4-H person and ask if they have suggestions. Also, there are often local people who will help you. Check with tractor supply and local feed stores. When I do the projects for my local high- school, I take the chicks home - all 150 of them!!!!
    Also, to get an incubator, sometimes the local tractor supply or other feed store will donate an incubator to you if you speak with the manager and give them a request on letter-head from the school. I received two this way. Where are you located? I want to say PA? If so, you are close to me and I could help you out. Good luck!
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    Jan 24, 2014
    Thanks for the suggestion for the 4H - I haven't checked with them. I hate to sound like a city-slicker, but what is FFA? I do have a local tractor supply store so I will also check with them.

    This would be our first time doing this and what to do with the chicks at the end of the study is the biggest concern. I'm still working on my husband about keeping them ourselves;)

    when I was doing my google search, I found a number of school programs that do exactly as I was hoping - they lend incubators and supply eggs and find homes for the chicks at the end. Unfortunately, all these programs were either in the UK or Australia!

    I'm in GA

    Thanks again for the suggestions.
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    I think the FFA is now the National FFA Organization, and FFA doesn't mean anything other than FFA. Kinda like how KFC is simply KFC with no mention of Kentucky anymore. If that makes any sense.

    4H and FFA have good websites that can help you contact a local coordinator.

    If all else fails, maybe you can find somebody with a webcam on their incubator.

    Good luck!
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    lol, I would take the chicks. [​IMG]Just how many r there?
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    For anyone in Ohio, this is the program for you! At the end of the training, each teacher receives the curriculum, student workbooks, most supplies needed for experiments AND an incubator/turner package all for free. Meyer Hatchery is donating every teacher's first dozen hatching eggs. See details below
    Feb 4, 2014 | 8:30 am - 3:30 PM | NW Ohio; NE Ohio; SW Ohio; Central Ohio
    ChickQuest, a Classroom Journey Through the Life Cycle of Chickens, is a 4-H School Enrichment Program that challenges students to use Science, Engineering, and Technology to investigate the life cycle of an embryonic chicken egg. From monitoring living eggs to observing fluffy chicks, these lively activities pique curiosity, encourage collaboration and communication, and provide young scientists with unforgettable experiences.

    Information and registration for ChickQuest on 2/4/14: NW Ohio Workshop

    Information and Registration for ChickQuest on 2/12/14: Central Ohio: Columbus

    Information and registration for ChickQuest on 2/20/14: SE Ohio Workshop: Marietta

    Information and registration for ChickQuest on 3/13/14: NE Ohio Workshop: Ottawa
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