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Aug 24, 2019
Hello, about three weeks ago my duck got her foot caught on a branch in our pond. We got her out and she was fine, not limping or anything. The next day I had them all out in the pond, keeping a very close eye on all 4 of them. I went inside the house for 2 minutes and took a head count. Only saw 3, and I freaked out. I ran to the other side of the pond and found my Daisy with her head stuck underwater, the pond gets low this time of year. I got her out and carried her back to the pen. Her bill was bleeding. I placed her down in the straw and she laid there not moving for days . I placed her in the shed away from the others but after a week or so she found her way out of the pen to be with the others. It's almost 4 weeks now and she has not shown any signs of improvement. I already lost one member of my flock last year due to drowning, she got her head stuck in the mud and we could not save her in time. Please help me, I hate to see her suffer.
My first thought in this scenario is snapping turtles! I wouldn't let any of them go in that pond until you figure this out!
Thank you for your reply. I know we do have snapping turtles in our pond. We have had this flock for two years now and nothing has gotten to them. They usually know when something bad is in the water and avoid going in. Could a turtle have gotten to her when she was defenseless? They have not been out of their pen since this incident. How can I heal her? She is eating and drinking, but she cannot stand or walk so we have to make sure her food and water are nearb .
If a snapping turtle gets hold of a duck they def leave injuries plus they drown them if they need to. If your pond is low enough the mud is showing I believe I’d keep your ducks out until water levels gets back to normal. I honestly don’t know what could be wrong with her if she isn’t suffering injuries unless the snapping turtle grabbed her by the bill but from all I hear most likely she wouldn’t have any bill left if a snapping turtle got hold of her. Can you post some pictures of her? I would also get rid of those snappers.if your still not sure how bad a predator snapping turtles are Go to you tube you can find videos of a snapping turtle taking down an adult duck.

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