Looking for Marans, Legbar, and Araucana hatching eggs

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Mar 4, 2018
Boise, Idaho
I am in Boise, Idaho and looking for very dark Marans eggs from correct lines. Also looking to add some more CLB hens, looking for blue rather than the green eggs if anyone has those. And of course true Araucana blue layers also. I am interested in the baby blue's, please contact me if you have any breed laying that color. I have an EE laying that color but when I crossed her with my CLB roo I ended up with the greener tint. Will pay for shipping but would love if there was anyone local I could meet! Thank you


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Sorry, New to Backyard chickens, I did look through listings but thought it might be just easier to post what I was looking for? I am looking for Araucana's, may be hard to find but fingers crossed:)
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