Looking for Pheonix eggs to hatch in N. Alabama/Central TN

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  1. scanaday

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    Oct 3, 2010
    We would like to add some Pheonix hens to our flock. If anyone in the N. Alabama or Central Tennessee area has any, I would be VERY interested in picking some up, our incubator holds seven eggs. I have a beautiful (quiet) Andalusian Roo that I can trade and or sell to anyone else interested (who promises not to eat him!) - his name is Dust Bunny, and we have only heard him crow when he has ended up in the neighbor's yard, away from the girls, or one night, when he ended up in one of our coops by himself, and all the girls were in the other coop. Other than that, he's quiet. Not sure he has tried to do any 'roosterly duties' an any of the girls, if he has, we have not seen it. He's just about a year old now. My kids call him 'the girls' gay friend'. My kids have 'issues' with eating potentially fertilized eggs. (they are 'animal rights' vegetarians too) (well most of them are) Anyway - mostly interested in finding Pheonix eggs. Happy to pay for them. Would like to pick them up, rather than having them shipped. Thanks

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