Looking for Pictures of Gravity Fed Waterers


Connected to a toilet float valve, then an braided adaptor hose (found next to the toilet parts at the hardware store), then to a garden hose. I keep a cheap aquarium heater i the bucket during the winter and drop blue ice packs in during the summer.
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Thanks! Anyone else want to show off theirs?
Also wondering if it is not conected to a hose, and your just filling the large conatiner, is there a issue about the water staying fresh? We are not so concerned about keeping the water defrosted, it would mostly be used in the summer.
We are looking for something more on the simple side, and not costly. It will not be used on a everyday basis, just when we are away. We are going on a short vacation in the summer, and have soemone to check on the chickens daily. We built a auto door opener, and a large feeder. Our goal is to make taking care of the 14 chickens as easy as possible for our chicken caretaker. Hoping that they will just be able to keep a eye on them, gather the eggs, and not have to fill waterers and feeders.
Any advice of this subject?
My system is for watering chicks, or large chickens. I took a plastic 55 gallon drum that I got at the feed mill and set it on a base that is 2 1/2' from the ground, I ran the water runoff from the roof of my chicken house into the drum and this is where the water comes from (cheap right), I drilled a 1/2" hole in the side of the tank at the bottom and inserted a PVC pipe nipple into this, then glued several pieces of pipe together to run this inside of my chicken house, the pipe is then hooked up to a stock tank float valve water, and the valve is placed on the side of a container. You mentioned that you probably won't be using this much so here is an idea, take a stock tank float valve water, put the valve into a suitable container, attach the valve to a garden hose from your house and turn on the water. If you don't know what a stock tank float valve is then go to tractor supply web site and enter product number 2170322. If you would like more info on how to make the complete system like I have I will be happy to explain in more detail, hope this helped.
If you don't connect it to the hose you will have to carry water out there to fill it (and you don't want your caretakers to do that...). Any water you put in the bucket will stay clean as long as you keep the bucket covered and out of sunlight. I usually take the bucket down and wash it out monthly just to keep it clean. Some people add vinegar to the water to achieve the same results. Also, even though a bucket can hold 5 gallons of water, that bucket will be very heavy when full. So you will have to figure out a support for the bucket besides just hanging it on a hook.

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