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Apr 16, 2015
Hello again.
So I posted in the newbie section I was getting new chicks. Sold the silkies buying colored layers this spring/summer.
I ordered silverrudd's blue or isbar chicks. And I plan on ordering legbar, amercunas, marans and olive eggers.
That leads me to wanting to keep records on them, and identification. Like what color the hen lays, what rooster they are bred to, what chick was hatched with that pairing, and what color of egg that chick lays from the pairing. And have some sort of leg band and color code between the two coops on the chickens.
We have exoctic animal and poultry auctions, and animal swaps so I really want to represent my chickens well.
So is there any software or record book for poultry?
Thanks in advance.


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Have an Excel spread sheet file with multiple sheets.
Some sheets are linked to track and calculate costs of feed vs egg sales.
Some to track other debits and credits.
Others are year to year population records, hatching/slaughtering.
Some are just general notes.
I have amended it many times over the years.
What you keep track of depends on what you need or want to keep track of.

There is a member here who has one you can dload.
Here's the newest one:
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