Looking for serama eggs MN

Hi Frank, I am locked out of my paypal account because of someone trying to use it and haven't quite figured out how to get it fixed, I spent an hour on the site today trying to fix it but only got more frustrated. The customer service number they give is long distance grrrr. I was looking for about 8 or so to put under one of my hens that just went broody. Do you take any other method of payment like money order?
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Hi there marilyn, I won't be able to make it to the swap
The quad i bought from you are doing fantastic together. One of my Cochin/japanese hens went broody so i figured i should take full advantage of it by having her set on some serama eggs. Being they are sooo tiny i figure i could put at least 8 or so under her. I'd use the eggs the seramas are laying but i don't want to have a staggered hatch. Best of luck to you at the swap ( im sure those gorgeous birds will go like hot cakes)


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