Looking For Silkie Breeders in Colorado :)

Cynthia 085

7 Years
May 4, 2014
I wanted to know if any of you in Colorado sell silkies if so let me know. I am specifically looking for a White, Splash, and a Buff.
I am also in need of a few bantam cochins (gold laced, white, and silver laced) or if you have any frizzles let me know.
Prices and pictures help; I can be patient and wait until next summer I just want to start looking.
I recently got some cochins for my friend on Craigslist and the birds came infested with lice. I did quarantine them, but overall it was not a pleasant experience and will not be using Craigslist to get any more birds.
I am in the city and it is very hard to order online as you have to order quantities of over 20+ and I can only have a few as I live under city limits.
Please contact me if you sell any of the above birds :)

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my request.
Post on the Colorado board. There are a bunch of people who hatch silkies. They might be done for the year but they probably have juvenile and adult birds they need to thin out for the winter. Nice chatty group.
Thanks for your quick reply :)

I am sorry for my lack of knowledge and ignorance, but what do you mean "Colorado board"?

Is it a forum? Webpage? Well I am glad someone out there has silkies because I want some. Like I said I am in no hurry to get some right now I just want to start looking for good quality silkies :)

Where can I go to join?
Thanks again (^_^)
Thank you very much for the information I have to check it out!
Thanks a bunch!

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