Looking for silkies in Central, Western, or Northern New York


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11 Years
Mar 7, 2008
Carthage NY
Hi! I am new to silkies...just got my first hen and rooster this past weekend WOOO WHOOOO!!

Just wondering if anyone has any chicks, started pullets or cockerels, or adult birds for sale? I really don't want to get into buying hatching eggs right now. It is EXTREMELY hard to find silkies up here (Northern New York, 1 1/2 hours north of Syracuse), and I would really like to get some more. My mother is just about the only one around here who has some, and that's where I acquired my two from. I would like some that are not related. I am willing to travel to pick them up...like I've said to others before...I am looking forward to going on some "chicken runs"! If anyone has any for sale, just let me know...maybe we can work something out! Thanks! (Oh I forgot to add that I am most interested in blue, black and splash for now, but I'll entertain any offers.)

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