looking for someone to build a custom coop in Chugiak Alaska

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    I inherited a ten hen flock with a converted half shed / half coop and very muddy uncovered out door run. I am looking for someone that can build a quality walk in coop for up to 15-20 chickens with an attached covered run and food/supply area with easy access to the coop area. My current coop cant be entered without stooping and collecting eggs this requires kneeling, I hate this. I also have to enter the storage area to get the supplies and feed then exit and walk around to the coop area. This too is not idea especially in Alaska. I love the chickens already and worry about the winter hardiness of this coop as well. I know I could attempt to modify a shed myself but I work 12 hour nights and tons of overtime shift so I am off one or two days a week at most and I don't have the proper tools. I also would like to have this complete before winter sets in here and with my schedule, this would never happen if I attempted it. I can order roll out nesting boxes and mount them myself but the rest I need manufactured for me. I am willing to pay for a quality build, My chickens and I thank you.
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    Fastest and cheaper solution is to go to Home Depot and buy a shed. A few simple alterations and you're in business. They will deliver and assemble as well. 10x10 would the smallest I would go with. A chainlink dog run makes a good predator proof run. You also have some nice used shed options on CL.

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