looking for started chicks or laying hens in WI


11 Years
Mar 25, 2008
I'm looking for started chicks or laying hens in WI, I'm in central WI (Wausau) and I'd prefer to not have to drive too far!
Specifically, I'm looking for dark brown egg layers (like cuckoo marans) or tinted egg layers (araucana, easter eggers) but I'd be interested in pretty much anything.
Long shot, but I'd love to find some silkies and polish as well!
Check out Gordies List- he lives in Marshfield and is going to the swap in Neillsville on Saturday the 29th-a lot of people will be there
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I was thinking of going to the Neillsville swap but it's 1 1/2 hrs. away from me and I'd have to get up pretty early to get there when it starts. At least my experience with swaps is you have to get there early for the good stuff... If I don't find anything else I'll probably be setting my alarm for that!

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