Looking for the following breeds to order some this coming year.

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    Sep 27, 2007
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    I would like true breeds of the following breeds. I may try breeding myself somewhere down the line, not to show just to get the most true to type, plus I am wanting a whole color assortment of eggs.


    I am deciding if I want another brown egg layer like RIR's or Australorps.

    If you sell hatching eggs of any of the breeds listed above I would appreciate you sending me an email [email protected]

    I am trying to decide if I want a separate coop for each breed or just one big coop.

    I may want to do some breeding of my own so I can keep the supply of eggs coming.

    Also how many eggs of each breed would I need to try and get 4 hens of each breed. I understand there is no way of knowing.

    One more question. If I get let's say 8 Buckeye eggs from one person. I get 6 hens and 2 roos. I am not sure if I can breed the roos with the hens or if they are considered brother and sister.

    By the way I live approximately 25 miles south of Knoxville, TN.
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