Looking for the perfect Rooster


12 Years
Dec 3, 2007
Hey Everyone!

Well, we're looking for the perfect rooster (ya right!). We want a standard (about the size of a golden sex-link) that's a good egglaying breed, good forager, cold hardy (but can still handle the heat), and it HAS TO BE FRIENDLY.

Besides RIR, I highly recommend any rooster. I love them. Right now I have a buff orpington, araucana, and ameraucana roos. All are beautiful!
If you happen to be anywhere close to south central Ky, chicknmama has roosters running all over the countryside at her place. lol They are New Hampshire Reds which are a really good breed. Look at her post on here.
Hey guys,

Nope, no where near central KY. Orpingtons sound good for us. We know some one that just got some orpington chicks and might have a rooster for us.

I love my Barred Rock boys. My main flock roo is a BR and I am keeping one of his sons to help dad with the "duties". Both are very sweet and easy to handle, non-aggressive to people, but good protectors.
Well, you must be speaking of my boss roo,Papa. Sorry, he's not available,lol. My cuckoo marans roos are real gentle roos. They are large though. They handle Winters well and my marans lay very well.
You guys aren't going to make this easy for me, are you!
I guess I'll just have to see what I can get my hands on (out of all the roosters you guys mentioned).

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