looking into the ostrich thing so asking some questions.


6 Years
Feb 23, 2013
central PA
Now before some of you JUMP on my back about getting these birds I ALREADY KNOW! lol ive been doing research for almost 3 years now but google only tells me SO MUCH i want to get peoples first hand accounts of having these birds.....i already have emus...and no im not getting ostriches tomorrow in the next 3 years i would like to get a breeding trio ..i am just curious about them like fencing.....shelter.....feed...what to expect ect i have an idea of the fence i would like to use the 8 foot T posts that will go into the ground then make 6 feet...then get the 6 foot field fencing then put SMALLER T posts in between THEM then have a part of the paddock with a separate PEN where i can throw feed in there and close the gate so i can go into there paddock to collect eggs, clean ect...i feel that would be best since i know these birds can get a little testy LOL then with shelter i was thinking about one of those......walk in shelters you can buy and put it together..... but im just asking so shoot away?

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