Looking t get more chicks but have two pullets. What should i expect?


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Apr 15, 2014
Hi guys! I have two barred rock pullets that are about 4 months old. One is sweet and has a recovering broken leg so I am not too worried about her. But the other has gotten aggressive since her sister broke her leg. She has always been the alfa but now she is after the cat, my new sparkly shoes and even toe nail color sets her off and squaring up with my foot. She picks at her sister sometimes and even takes food out of her mouth but for the most part is sociable.

I want to get two to four more chickens soon, perhaps in June. Salmon Faverolles are a favorite as well as Silkies, Leghorns. But as long as the breed is a gentle sweet and cuddly breed I am OK. I am afraid of how Pippin will react and whether or not she will bully and chicken I bring home. I can tell you that at this point with as much as I have spent on the vet and the rehab I am doing with one sick injured chicken I don't want any more hurt ones. Especially not chicks. I do not have a coop that is adequate right now for leaving them unsupervised and alone. They come in at night to a coop in my mud room. I can keep them separated no problem until late May when the Garden house and new coop are ready. Are the pullets easier with chicks once they start laying eggs?

Can anyone give me ANY advice on what I should expect and look for? I realize everything takes time and introductions in the chicken world is no exception. But I want to know what I should do to keep everything well under control. Thanks
I don't know why that one is being mean, that just stinks! But maybe you could put a mirror in there or grass clippings or something to keep her focused on something else so she doesn't pick on the other ones. The faverolle and silkie breeds are pretty docile! I heard faverolles do get picked on a lot though because of that so maybe take that into consideration when you're picking them out. Leghorns are a pretty hardy breed, they aren't very friendly from what I've heard and having my own. I love my silkies, they are cutest little things ever. They also get picked on by other birds, but I have a silkie rooster that protects all his silkie hens so they don't get picked on very bad.

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