looking to buy rir and barred rock hatching eggs


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Aug 4, 2015
I have RHR and Barred Rock Hen/RHR Rooster fertilized eggs (the RHR Roo / Barred Rock make Black Stars). I'm on the west side of Atlanta - what part of Georgia are you in? I only have 1 RHR hen and 1 Barred Rock - so if you want to keep it to those two - I can probably only get you about 6 each at a time (to keep them under 10 days for max fertility).

I also have a White Leghorn, Welsummer, Golden Laced Wyandotte and Dominique hens (with the RHR rooster) if you are interested in any of those.

PM me if your interested.
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Blue Ridge Mtns. of North Georgia
I have eggs from my Marvin Stukel line Barred Plymouth rocks occasionally but I am in Fannin County and do not ship, will have to be picked up here. See the Evolution of Atlas thread for pics of the rooster and six hens. He is 1/4 Delaware, 3/4 Stukel BR,has 4 pure Stukel hens plus 2 daughters out of them who recently began laying (the fertility on the pullets has not been tested)
$25/doz plus extras..when I had the original Stukel male the eggs auctioned for over $150/doz

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