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  1. junkman56

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    Hello, I live in North Western Pa. (Tionesta) to be exact. I would like to buy Hens that are close to my area. This will be my first time raising chickens, I just finished building my coop and run, and would like to get approximately (6 golden comets or 6 RIR's )
    that are old enough to go right in the coop . ( I really don't want day old chicks or roosters)

    if anyone has any for sale, or knows of someone please let me know

    Thank You
  2. junkman56

    junkman56 Chillin' With My Peeps

    I just got done ordering chicks, I ordered 8 Red Star Hens. they should be here between Tuesday and Thursday of this coming week.
    I'm a little nervous but excited.

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