Looking to grow my own grain. What should i grow for my chickens.

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    Jan 9, 2013
    I have been looking into planting different grains.

    Some things i have been wondering about is food value and yield. Also i want the option to eat some of it if i like. After all im a chicken. [​IMG]

    I have tried wheat,oats,corn,and buckwheat and it all failed miserably. (Except for the buckwheat) The buckwheat grew in the drought, made lots of flowers and has infested my whole farm like it is a weed. My turkeys LOVED the buckwheat. Also i learned that buckwheat shreds (stem, leaves, and all) is wonderful bedding. Nothing absorbs the moisture from the poo like buckwheat. I used it for my chicks and they would go through it and eat the little seed's out of the bedding.

    A few days latter I spilled a little grain out of the scratch grain bag and it started to grow. At first i though it was corn but it stuck out little tassels that had round seeds on them. It was millet and sorghum.

    So what is the nutritional value of all these seed's

    Buckwheat: The turkeys did very well on it.



    Please feel free to add any other seeds that you think would work well in Fairly poor soil and your chickens love.

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    Quote: They are typically found in "bird seed" mixes that run around 9-10% protein
    If you cna grow Buckwheat you should be able to grow some of the others.
    It could be you had the planting dates wrong, unless it was just a lack of water.

    You could try planting some Winter Wheat and Cereal Rye right now, and it may grow through the Winter, depending on where you are

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