Looking to Potentially Sell Four Laying Hens in the DFW Area


May 13, 2020
Why I am considering selling:

I have four wonderful birds, but when I got my chickens, I was living at home with my parents. I am their caregiver, and my parents do not have the know-how to care for these birds (such as noticing if one is behaving differently). I will be beginning a full time job and moving out soon, and it is not feasible at the moment to move them with me. Were I to find a place that rents houses with yards in my budget, I still would face the issue of setting up a temporary coop and run that is adequate for them during the time it would take to tear down their coop and run and rebuild it. This would be difficult as my chickens free range and do not tolerate confinement well. I am afraid that with this life transition, my girls will not receive the care they deserve, so I am hoping to re-home them.

Any advice of sites to post this information would be welcome! I'm considering Craigslist, but I wonder if there are other sites or even in-person settings where I can post the ad in DFW.

A bit about the birds:


Nore: She is a Barred Rock that I raised since she was around 2 days old. She came in the mail from Meyer Hatchery. She is now over 2 years old. I have a suspicion that she has Leghorn in her, because she flies strongly, is loud, does not tolerate confinement, and has an oversized floppy comb. She is my favorite bird because of her personality and most difficult at times because of her strong wings. She loves to fly onto my back and perch. She is easy to catch and hold. She is my most friendly bird and my most prolific layer. Her eggs are large and light brown. She had one issue last summer where her eggs lost pigment, and she started laying shell-less eggs, and later yolks. Despite being ill, I gave her fish oil, oregano oil, and reptile calcium powder in yogurt daily for around 2-3 weeks (as well as getting her hydrated at the vet), and she recovered just fine. She has had no other issues. Her right wing is currently clipped, because she was flying over our fence.



Faro: She is another Barred Rock that I raised since she was around 2 days old. She also came in the mail from Meyer Hatchery. She is now over 2 years old. She is more nervous than Nore. Her comb stands straight up. She lays regularly. Her eggs are not oversized like Nore's. They are average-sized and light brown. She is not easy to catch unless cornered, because she likes to run away. The only problem she has had was that her first winter occurred during an intense freeze, and she got a small bit of frostbite. She recovered just fine. Her comb and earlobes are paler than Nore's (this is another reason I wonder if Meyer Hathcery breeds Leghorn into their birds, because these birds should not have white earlobes).



Jakobe: She is a Splash Orpington that I raised since she was around 2 days old. She also came in the mail from Meyer Hatchery. She is now over 2 years old. She is a lovely bird. She is huge and mostly white with black speckles (as you would expect from a splash). She does not have a dark ombre. Her head and neck are light grey. When I received her, she was the most lethargic and did not catch on to drinking at first. She may have issues with her crop, because I have once of twice noticed that it was excessively large, but feeding her a bit of fish oil did the trick, and she never had any issues with a full impaction or sour crop. She is at the bottom of the pecking order with the two Barred Rocks and is very friendly, but she does like to pick on smaller birds. She is a good layer of darker brown eggs than the Barred Rocks. She has beautiful dark brown eyes, light grey legs, and a smaller comb.



Raine: She is an Easter Egger that I received almost a year ago when she was 1.5 years old. She was bought from Tractor Supply. She is a few months older than the other three, so she is probably 2.5 years old. She is a silver penciled coloration with a dark grey beard ad slate-colored legs. She has a skinnier build than my three original girls. Her eggs are a beautiful cyan blue that sometimes have speckles or a darker tone when there's a bit of cream pigment under it. They sometimes have a little bumpy, shell cap on top. She is my most anxious bird because she is at the bottom of the pecking order and was likely not as well socialized as my girls, but she has warmed up so much since I got her. When I initially got her, she was lethargic and had trouble laying. I dusted her for mites, and she immediately recovered, went off lay for a month, and has never had a medical problem since. She might bite your finger if you are hand feeding them treats, because she loves treats and tries to get as much in her mouth as possible to run away with before the others peck her. She is not doing it out of aggression.


They all free range in the day. They do not like confinement. I've had to keep them locked up in the cold before, and they generally are unhappy with that but will tolerate it if it is in the dead of winter. We have a portion of the yard sectioned off for them with lots of trees, and we let them into the main yard and front yard when the grass is established.

I use New Country Organics (sometimes Scratch N' Peck) because they've been raised on seed feed their entire lives. I will cut it in half with a Tumor crumble mix to make it more cost effective. They don't prefer the crumble.

They love treats. You can reseed them eggs that are hardboiled or scrambled with shell, and they love that. They love shrimp. They love oatmeal. They love nuts like unsalted pecans and peanuts. They love a little blob of unsweet greek yogurt with garlic. I'll give them a variety of vegetables like cabbage, spring mix greens, carrots, etc. I'll give them fruits like apples, berries fresh or frozen and added to their water), watermelon, etc.

I worm them once in the winter after their molts are complete. This year, I believe it was in January. I dump the powder into a little yogurt bed, mix, and top with garlic for administering it. They each get their own plate.


I have a very used feeder and waterer, a storage trashcan for food, feed to supply you, a storage bin for other supplies, pine shavings, calcium grit, regular grit, pesticide dust, nutritional topper for food, poultry Nutri-drench, a bottle of Amprolium, a bottle of the wormer tablets, and oregano oil.


My Splash Orpington is the most expensive of my birds. She cost me 23 dollars just as a chick. I would prefer to even things off at roughly 20 dollars per adult bird, so 80 for the flock.

***I have PayPal and Venmo. I would also accept cash***

The supplies were expensive altogether, so feel free to just request which supplies you would want/need, and I can value them for you. Some are very used and even close to empty while others are almost full, so I would be bundling them together for you at a cheaper price of course.


I want these four to go together, and they are strictly pets. I will need to see pictures of your set up and dimensions of the coop to verify that they will be well cared for. I love these birds and am not in a rush to re-home if you don't feel that you have adequate coop space and free-ranging area for them. If you do feel prepared for four new adult hens, however, please reach out to me, and we can begin discussing!
Craigslist, Uncle Henry's, your state thread, pet rehoming website, Facebook group.
Good luck and sorry that you need to rehome them.
Craigslist, Uncle Henry's, your state thread, pet rehoming website, Facebook group.
Good luck and sorry that you need to rehome them.
Thank you for the advice! I feel so sad that I may have to rehome them, but I definitely want to make sure they get the love and attention they deserve, which I'm afraid won't be enough while I'm transitioning to a new living situation. I will definitely look into the sites you recommended.

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