Looking to rehome a Jenday and Green-cheek Conure


12 Years
Jul 26, 2007
East Texas
I have recently lost a very good job and had to move and am struggling financially. I have two beautiful birds I am looking to re-home. A Jenday Conure and a Green-cheek Conure. They are both loving birds and easily handled.

The Jenday was hatched January 7, 2006 and purchased from a Petland. "She" was never DNA sexed but she'll always be a girl to me.
She lived nearly two years with her first... family before I decided to take her on. She is a great bird. Like most conures she can be a little loud at times although it isn't constant. Her first family never taught her to play on her own so she doesn't like to entertain herself unless you aren't in the room. If she can see you she wants to be with you. She tends to be a mostly one person bird although she does well with most couples. She does find it really amusing to try to intimidate guests by chasing them around the house. But just like a child if they don't react and ignore she get tired of the game very quickly. She talks a little and says "Step up", "Hello", "Hi", and something else so garbled I'm not sure. It might be "Justin". She will come with a large white Prevue cage. I believe the dimensions are 24" wide x 20" deep x and like 38"-ish high. Of course it is on rollers and has a play gym on top. Her cage is in very good condition barring the little "child-proof" lock. It was removed several years ago. It will also come with all the perches, bowls, toys, and other accessories to keep her comfortable in her new home, including a grapevine table-top play gym.

I do not have the Green-cheek's exact hatch date. He is a DNA sexed male and is around 2.5 years old. He didn't get a lot of out of cage time at his first home but he enjoys being out for short periods. He does play a lot and is a total clown. He likes to snuggle for a bit and then Mr. Independence is ready to go back to his cage. He will step up for just about anyone although he can be a little shy and not allow them to scratch or pet him, which is perfectly normal. He comes with the same cage (complete with child lock) and of course perches, bowls, toys, and another grapevine table-top play gym.

They do not really get along together per say so going together is not a requirement. Although I think it would be nice for them to see a familiar face. I'm asking $500 for Atara and $450 for Dee-Dee. If they go together I would take $700. May consider best offer. I am in the Tyler, Tx area (East Texas; east and south of the DFW area). Please let me know if you or anyone else you know would want to give these wonderful birds a loving and forever home.

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