Looks like Foul Pox...


8 Years
May 11, 2014
I looked through pictures, and my 6 girls all have it. Some just a few black spots some alot of slightly raised spots. 2 RIR, 2 BSL, 2 B australorps.

The all seem to behave just as normal. Shiny feathers, good weight.


1) What should I do next? Treatment? (vet visit is not going to happen)

2) From your experience do they recover on their own?

3) Where did they pick this up? wild birds? soil? (they have no other chickens or domestic bird contact at all)

4) Danger to people, goats or dogs?

Oh, I live in southern Louisiana, very humid t storms every other day and 90+ degrees for the last month.
I live right next to un developed jungle. on the end of a neighborhood

They are not crowded, they are complete free in 1/6th acre with 2 pygme goats and 2 dogs.

I will try and take pics later today.

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