Loose bowles and dirty butts

Thank you for the no answers. People can mention that their chick saw it's first frog and 100 will line up to comment. I ask a serious question and get 0.

The answer to my question after searching more, is that it is natural for
Cornish X to have loose bowls because they eat so much. Adding ACV to the
water will help.
Thank you John, no thank you John.
My Cornish x are dirty all the time their whole underside where they can't reach to clean it. They're differently a good bit grosser than the other chickens
Last year when raised them they cleaned up nicely after they were moved out onto the grass permenantly.
Mine are on pasture and still pooping diarrhea, that just seems to be the way Cornish X are. Some folks have said that fermenting the feed helps the problem. I think it makes sense that giving an active culture like ACV would help them out as well.

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