Loose Rust colored Poop, now another chicken has it.

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    Mar 18, 2011
    Has anyone experienced this..chicken appears normal, but poo is loose (not watery) and is only a dark rust color. However, does not appear to be bloody. Chickens are 6 wks old living under same conditions.

    Now another hen has same type of poop. Some are dime size or as big as quarter size.

    Should I be concerned?


    I did see the "poop Link", the pix was blurry but appeared to be rust color and mentioned cocci.
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    That is cecal poop you have described and is normal about every 8-10 droppings. However, I just went though this with my 12 week old chicks (pullets) through no fault of mine. I had purchased medicated chick starter/grower not knowing that new meds had been added to it. The previous medicated chick starter/grower from the same manufacturer had been discontinued for the new medicated chick feed. It had caused my chicks to poop orange in color poop quite frequently and I knew it wasnt normal. I suspected the problem was the feed and I verified it when I returned to the feed store and talked to the manager. I switched to unmedicated chick starter/grower from the same manufacturer and in 2 days the chicks poop was back to normal. This is just for your information in case your chicks are pooping more than normal cecal poop. Good luck.

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