Loosing chickens and not sure what to do

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    Aug 5, 2009
    Ok I got a couple of pullets abt a month ago. I lost 2 overnight after getting them. They had foamy liquid coming from their mouths. They appeared healthy when I got them and was eating and drinking water. There are 2 others I got at the same time and they are still fine. Now some of the ones I had are sick and I am loosing them despite my efforts. I have lost 5 total. The symptoms are sneezing, coughing like, the eyes are all yucky with foaming drainage coming from them. Its not both eyes, only 1 on each chicken. When they are dieing, there is foamy liquid coming from their mouths. I do not know what to do. I have been treating them with the Duramycin in their water everyday. It seemed to help for the 1st couple days. I have cleaned their coop as much as possible with bleach water but only the perches as the floor is on the ground(dirt). If anyone has any suggestions, please email me. I am open to just abt anything at this point. Thanks!
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    Sorry you are losing chickens. Here is a good site to check over and see maybe you can find one that matches your chicken's symptoms. good luck...

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    How are your chickens doing? Do you think you know what's going on? I so hope this sit helps.
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    Jan 19, 2009
    your chickens may have Mg get the m to a vet
  5. The new chickens are doing ok, but the ones you already had are sick? Right? If so, the new chickens most likely are carriers and brought a disease into your flock. Were the new ones separated for a month before adding them into your flock?

    Sounds like a respiratory illness, there are several. Without a vet doing a culture of their throats, we're only guessing what it is. You can call the state vet and have them test your flock. Sometimes it's free, and sometimes you have to pay. I'm not sure about your state.

    Otherwise, you can try treating them with an antibiotic to see if they get better. You won't ever know what they had, but maybe can save the ones you do have. You'll also have to be careful bringing in any new birds as they may get this same illness.

    A search on here for 'my chickens have a cold' or similar will bring up lots of threads.

    I'm sorry for you losses, and your sick birds.

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