In the Brooder
Mar 27, 2020
Chicks have 21 days to grow. This means that each day a huge amount of growing is done. Your chicks aren't pipping because they just aren't ready yet. 24 hours is all time they're using to grow. Give them that time. They need it.
They won't be cheeping until they internally pip. They won't be internally pipping until they're ready.
It's best to forget about candling. I don't candle after lockdown. It probably won't hurt, but I prefer to leave it.
I know it's difficult, but try and be patient.
That is why we should not lose faith, but hope for the best. In a global sense, faith should never be lost. I recently read a valuable essay on the site about this, which essentially radically changed my worldview and perception of such small situations.
I absolutely agree with you. I had a similar situation
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