Looters after Irene...REALLY!?!


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Happens after every hurricane or other natural disaster Red. I recall the same thing happenig after Hurricane Andrew.

Something about the storms, brings out the worst in people.
I can believe it.

Same thing happened here after the tornadoes. The police told the homeowner, even if their house was destroyed that they had the right to shot to kill if they caught looters on their property.

If this economy keeps going the way it is, they won't use storms as an excuse.
Did anyone take a second to read the comments? Someone asked where all the aid was for our disaster from other countries, celebrities, etc. Kind of makes you wonder....
honestly not suprised. forecasting a storm to develop into another hurricane and take the same track as irene seriously hope not our area is still strugling to get back on its feet and we fared well but the ground is still soaked and more t storms are on the way i doubt our home will hold up through another storm right now
I think disasters bring out both the best and the worst in people. Some people step up, help others, help themselves and make the world a better place; others, they are the scum that builds up on an uncleaned toilet (think trainspotting).
It's amazing that up here in the Midwest, there's virtually none of that. Every year Fargo/Morehead floods. There's no looting and they have to turn away volunteers. There were tornadoes in St. Peter and Le Seuer and people were heading there in droves before the storm left the state!
My nephews went to Concordia, they sandbagged that river 3 years in a row. I never heard of looting or anything like that...but in Minnesota and N. Dakota, that would be considered impolite, and they don't do impolite very well at all....

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