Los Angeles, CA * 3 lovely hens & an amazing house-all 1 year old *


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Aug 23, 2007
The girls are all 1 year old, great layers and very sweet:
Billina - a gorgeous and super friendly Buff Orpington
Henny Penny - an Easter Egger with a very funny and quirky personality
Emily - a Silver Laced Wyandotte who hardly seems to ever miss a day laying eggs that are very nearly round

You can see photos of the hen house at the City Biddy site where we got the building plans:


The City Biddy people called it "Hollywood House" on their site, it's the one that is green with white trim exterior and yellow with blue linoleum floor inside. The house is about 4' x 4' at the base with two nesting boxes off the front and a slanted corrugated tin roof that reflects the heat off the house. The house is great, it has wheels so it can be moved around the yard pretty easily, the linoleum makes it really easy to clean, the doors can be secured against the smartest predators and the girls love it.

I'm asking $200 for the house and the three girls and lots of chicken stuff. You can email me at [email protected] if you're interested.

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