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  1. Noticed the other day that my EE hen Penny is going bald in her throat area. i've looked closely at the area and don't see any mites or lice. Also checked her vent area. She is currently housed with one other EE hen. Watched them for a while last night and noticed that they were pecking at each other's throat area on occasion. But not in an aggressive way, one would stand still while the other one pulled at the area, then visa versa. Do i simply have a boredom problem here, or something else?

    Here she is:

    and then a close-up of the area:

  2. pipermark

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    Jan 26, 2007
    They are eating the soft muff feathers, try increasing their protein, cat food is a good quick source.

    Also, you might want to give the a spritz with flying insect spray, (it contains PERMETHRIN)


    You will see in that report , Permethrin is used for all type of parasite control with all types of live stock.

    I am very stingy with its use though, a very light spray is all it takes. Chances are its a protein shortage more than mites or lice though.
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    Could it also be the beginning of molt ~ and perhaps the bare spots inspired some bored/protein-deprived picking? My Ameraucana has started molting, and it went from the top of her head, down.

  4. Oh, hadn't thought it could be molting. Penny is about a year and a half and has never molted yet. Whereas my silkie pen looks like a pillow fight.

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