Losing tail feathers fast

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    Jun 12, 2012
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    I have two chickens; one red star and one black one (I don't remember the breed at the moment.. my boyfriend brought it from his flock while I was on vacation to replace my EE that had been eaten by a hawk)

    The red star has lost most of the top of her tail feathers in the last three days and the top of her head is covered in the white pin feathers that mark the oncoming of new feathers.
    The black one also has some white pin feathers on her head as well.
    I am assuming they are just molting as they seem to be healthy overall...
    They have had a lot of stress factors in the past couple months
    (red star lost her friend, saw the demise of three ducks and a peacock due to a predator)

    They are only around 3 months old though... they have not started laying.
    Should I be concerned?

    EDIT: they seem to be eating and drinking normally (they still beg for treats when I walk by lol) and poop seems normal, saw one that was a little runny but otherwise normal)
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    If there is nothing else wrong I wouldn't worry.
    Higher protein food such as Flock Raiser will help them grow feathers. So will high protein treats.

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