Loss Percentage-how many is normal?


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Aug 10, 2009
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I went to TSC and bought 20 chicks. They seemed fine at first. I made sure they all knew where the food and water was. When I checked on them again, 5 of them were obviously distressed, so I separated them and gave them sugar water and watched them for several hours. Three perked up, two died. When I checked this morning, one more was obviously distressed, so I gave her the sugar water. She died. Is it normal to lose so many chicks? I've done this before and have had losses, but not this high of a percentage. Any thoughts? I'm hoping I don't lose anymore!
Sorry it is the luck of the draw. The chicks at the box stores are not always fresh and had a rough ride. People handle them often usually kids and possible disease transmitters so if that is all you lose you are doing well.
This is my second year of buying from a store similar to TSC. I haven't lost any chicks ~knock on wood~ I bought 12 last year and 20 this year. My BIL bought 35 last year. He only lost some when they grew too big and he didn't put them in a larger enclosure, but not within the first week. I guess we got lucky.
I dont know what "Normal" is but I ordered 30 from a hatchery and lost 2...I know this doesn't answer your question but its good for info gathering...
Call Tsc and ask them if you get a refund of replacements because they died within 2-3 days. I bought 22 from a lady in town and she said that she will replace them if any die in 2 days. All 22 are doing good! I hope everything works out. In the case of losses I have lost 3-4 per 100 chicks that I get from hatcheries.

3 sounds a little high but with TSC chicks i guess that could be normal. I would call them and get a refund, or if you want the chicks i would do that. Sorry about the losses.
I am a newbee but I have read on a couple of threads here recently that chicks may be getting too hot at recommended temperatures of 95+. Perhaps for some individual chicks or hatchery strains the recommendation is too hot, or some brooders lack ventilation. For my setup indoors a 250W bulb was much too hot.

My chicks got too hot at 94 degrees, yet they did not move away from the heat despite having space to do so. One became lethargic and seemed to sleep under the lamp but I believe did not "know" it was too hot and did not have the energy to move away. I think it might have died had I not cooled it down a bit. As soon as one did visibly start panting and holding out its wings, I cooled it down just a few degrees. The lethargic one recovered over the next day. I kept them in the 88-92 range first week and all are fine, happy peeps.

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