Chick N Mama

6 Years
Mar 27, 2013
N. Colorado
Had an accident moving the chicken tractor and lost my Top of the pecking order. Sorrowful and trying to remember poultry shouldn't be pets but the line is blurry. Summer, my favorite, was a sweet and gentle Buff Orpington who let me hold her and liked to ride on my shoulder. Now I am wondering how my small flock ( of now 11) will be affected since their leader is gone and they witnessed the event. (Traumatic for all of us!) They are all about 20 ish weeks and just beginning to lay. Any ideas of problems that may occur or will they get over it quicker than I will ? Should I get a replacement soon or just wait until next spring when I planned to purchase more baby chicks?
SO sorry for your loss.

The rest flock the flock should be fine, they will probably fight for the top of the pecking order.Getting more baby chicks right away will more likely stress them out so I would suggest you get more chicks next spring.

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