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  1. As most of you know, I have 3 "tester" game hens and hand-raised Bo and the Production Reds (4 production reds) from chickdom.

    Today while I was at work, canines (I doubt if it was coyotes in the middle of the day, but am not ruling it out) jumped my 5' chainlink fence and tore into my chicken tractor. They broke the 2x4 welded wire in two places, and got one of the Production Reds. All that was left of her was a gizzard, her head, and the end of both wings; the rest was completely gone.

    I am so very grateful they (there were at least two, (based on the pawprints) didn't get more, but now I am worried they will come back tomorrow. I did the best I could to offer further protection, but it is pouring down rain and I just started a new job, so I can't take off tomorrow for coop fixing.

    I don't have any other place I could put them, and didn't think anything could get into that tractor. I've seen pit bulls chew threw chain link, but didn't think I'd be having monster dogs in my own back yard.

    Sigh....although the Production Reds aren't individually named, it still makes me very sad, and nervous about the next few days. Looks like I will be building a more permanent shelter, from thicker wire, this weekend.
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    Oh, how sad! :aww
    I just can't believe the determination of some predators, dogs especially, climbing a five foot fence! [​IMG]
    Any change your hens can stay in the garage or basement for the day while you are at work? It's true, since the dogs found an easy meal, they may be back.
    Good luck... [​IMG]
  3. Alas, this being Dallas, I am on solid white rock, and there's no basement. The garage gets over 100 degrees, even with the rain we've been having. I cut some 6x6 concrete wire by the light of my "miner's cap" and put it over the tractor. It isn't the best job, but that concrete wire is really thick wire, so unless they break the industrial-strength wire ties, or dig under, the girls should be alright for a couple of days.

    It was the smallest one who got taken; she was the most aloof, too; I'm surprised she was the one. Based on so many other posts here, I was very lucky, but thanks for your condolences.
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    Sorry you lost your bird.

    I have seen coyotes during the day. They can be very brazen, and they can jump fences. Also, a coyote will kill for food. Dogs kill for fun. You probably would have lost more if it were dogs (unless it was scared away).

    I am seeing more and more posts from people who have lost birds and had fortresses. I never would have thought a predator could chew through welded wire, but it is becoming more common.

    Although I haven't lost a bird yet, I am reinforcing my pens again. You just have to stay ahead of what is out there.

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