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Lost a duckling :(

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Birdydeb, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. And no idea what happened. They are about 10 days old now. Everyone seemed fine last night...eating, drinking, running around and pooping. The same this morning when I turned the lights back on and changed waterer. About lunch time when I went to change the water again, I noticed one wasn't running away with the rest and just laid there. I picked her up and her head just laid over on my hand and she looked at me. I separated her and put some heat on her and ran to mix up Nutri-Drench and get a syringe. By the time I came back she was gone. :( I inspected her all over, no marks on her and she had a full crop and she was good sized, not the runt. Failure to thrive? Over crowded? On that chance I have raced to get a bigger area set up for them in my spare bedroom on the floor. They are set up in three tubs that are connected. 10 ducks(now 9) 1 drake and 2 goslings. A friend is supposed to pick up 3 ducks so I separated those 3 out and put them in their own brooder. So they are upset and peeping(just let them peep?) But it eased up the crunch on the others. I cut their heat off on Monday when I saw them panting. My laundry room has stayed at 78-80 and after I cut the heat off they seemed fine, not piling on like they were cold and instead laying spraddled out in little groups. The goslings have not bothered them...I have watched constantly and the goslings snuggle up with a few ducklings when they sleep. they truly all seemed to be thriving and getting along. Breaks my heart. I didn't lose any chicks but I have lost a duckling. Thoughts? Suggestions? Not even the constant cleaning of poop and water mess was bothering me because I love ducks. This just stopped me in my tracks for a bit. I cleaned and disinfected all tubs and put fresh clean bedding down. :(

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